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Integrate a Qlaborate Camera System into your business and have the capability to view live or recorded video from anywhere. in your restaurant or bar to minimize employee theft, protect against liability and fraudulent claims, improve your operations management capability, and reduce losses.

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What can a Qlaborate security system do for your business?

Minimize Employee Theft

Protect Against Liability

Protect Against Fraudulent Claims 

Improve Your Operations

Increase Management Capabilities 

Reduce Losses

Want to be at all your locations simultaneously?

View multiple locations simultaneously with MultiView Client. Mix cameras from different restaurant locations, such as all bartenders and cashiers, on a single screen layout (up to 32 cameras).


The National Restaurant Association estimates restaurant losses due to internal theft exceed $20 billion annually. Hospitality leaders are saving enough money with their Qlaborate Camera System to more than cover their costs, within weeks.

Key Features

Choose from an 8, 16, 32 or more channel camera systems

30 Days of Continuous Recording on Standard Models
(Extended Models Available)

8MP Recording
(4k Comparable Quality)

Daily Operating Reports

See, hear, talk to, and receive data from your stores no matter where you are!

Reduce Employee Theft

Extended Video Archive

Manage Your Operations

Secure Your Business

Combine it with the full Qlaborate hardware suite.

POS Terminal

Intel i3 Processor

Easy Maintenance

Optical Dual Screen Solution

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Mobile Terminal

Pay-At-Table Support

User Friendly

Electronic Signature Capture

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Impact Printer

Industrial High Speed Printing

Drop & Print Paper Loading

Built-In Wall Mount Capability

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