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Seamless Point-of-Sale Solutions and Exceptional Service. Your Recipe for Success.

We have your all-in-one solutions for point-of-sale systems, online ordering, reporting, employee management and more!

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Streamline your success with our…

Our no up-front cost solution

Too often businesses like yours face the same dilemma: your business would benefit from a cutting-edge Point-of-Sale system, but the upfront cost can be crippling. We’re here to take care of that for you.

Stay Competitive

Reduce Payment Fraud

Improve Efficiency

Reduce Cost

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See what our customers are saying!

Gelvis Arteaga
Excelente sistema buen equipo
Benjaminsxfc. Martinezmm
Great service, and great products. Thank you Ahad Malik for all your support and knowledge to help improve and make our company more efficient.
Jala Wideman
Qlaborate systems are so easy to use and the staff and customer support are fantastic! Ahad is wonderful and always answers all of my questions directly. We could not ask for a better experience with them. Highly recommend.
Javier Sanchez
Me encanto el sistema para el restaurante y el apoyo de nuestro representante de ventas (Ray Ávalos) estuvo increíble, se lo recomendé al negocio de a lado y también lo agarro
Mario Sarabia
Wings N' Things has great appreciation for the Qlaborate (Formally HPOSS) family. They have been there for us keeping us updated to the new technologies on POS systems, credit card terminals, telephone systems, and any other improvement for the success of our restaurants. It does not matter what time of the day or night we have requested their assistance they have been there for us. We recommend Qlaborate to anyone that wants to keep on top of all the services on new technology. Qlaborate takes care of its customers and would do almost anything to help on the success of your business.
George Mickelis
Cleburne Cafeteria, has been doing business with and is extremely proud of our relationship with Qlaborate for many years. We are high volume family operated Cafeteria, that has been in business since 1941. It is extremely important, that we have relationships with our vendors, that are able to take care of our many needs, 24 hours a day. Qlaborate excels in every area, for point-of-sales needs. From the sales of hardware and software applications they provide, as well as the in-store service and the incredible 24 hour technical support, we could not be more pleased, with the phenomenal service we receive from Qlaborate. When operating a business, it is vital that you are able to complete the sales with your customer, in a very timely fashion, ie. get your money for your sale. Qlaborate gets it better than anyone in the business, by providing sales and service second to none!!! We are extremely thankful that there are other family businesses’s like Qlaborate that care about their customers as much as we do and provide outstanding service 24/7/365! Cleburne Cafeteria recommends Qlaborate as best in the business for any POS solutions!
Tim Ramsay
Qlaborate POS is truly a complete system from Top Down. Not only do they provide you with amazing technology, they are knowledgable and responsive to all your needs. It has been an amazing experience!
Dawn Jones
We chose Qlaborate POS for installation of a new system at a bar just this week ... our very first experience with POS systems as a user and for the business. The whole process has been smooth and extremely fast ... less than a month from demonstration to installation (could have been faster but that was on our side). We felt good about the choice after the initial on-site discussion and demonstration. That confidence was confirmed in working with Qlab over the next several weeks. All staff, from salesman to programmers and support personnel, have been friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable. We've already used the 24hr support desk several times in the past few days and that may be the best part of the whole system ... adjustments to the new system were made on the spot with no problem or delay. The company worked within our financial means for the whole system, set up conferences outside normal work hours to accommodate our schedules for programming and system reviews, and never turned down any request or adjustment. We highly recommend Qlaborate POS for your business. You will not be disappointed!! A big shout out to Ahad and Greg ... we love you guys!!!

Business types we help with our pos system.

We are committed to empowering businesses like yours to succeed in a competitive marketplace by removing the barriers of implementing a cutting-edge POS system.


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Need more than a POS? We have you covered.

restaurant pos system

Route traffic to your own site

Online orders flow right into your restaurant POS system, so no more tablets all over the counter, loose faxes, or emails to transcribe.

Receive delivery & takeout orders directly into your POS & kitchen printer

Bypass the 15-35% fees

Unified Reporting

Curbside Pick-up

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Phone System

Never leave your guests unattended and offer your customers a warm greeting every time they call.

Customer File Display

Personalized Phone Calls

Customer Call Back

Build A Customer List

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Camera System

Integrate a Qlaborate Camera System into your business and have the capability to view live or recorded video from anywhere.

Minimize Employee Theft

Protect Against Liability

Protect Against Fraudulent Claims

Improve Your Operations

Increase Management Capabilities

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Restaurant POS Software

Have your cake and eat it too with the best of both platforms in one! A POS system that makes running a any size restaurant a cake walk and an a employee management system that makes your team happy.

Intuitive, easy to use, with fewer touches.

Real-time Monitoring

Order Optimization

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restaurant pos system

Hardware Solutions

Let us help consult, analyze, and deliver what you need to take you and your business to the next level. Together we’ll bring out the best in your brand.

Full point of sale systems

Remote back office setup

Kitchen display systems

Tablet solutions

Self-serve kiosks

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We provide the best possible Point of Sale solution to restaurants at a competitive market cost.

When comparing apples to apples, our Cost-to-Offering ratio cannot be matched. Helping to create thriving businesses IS our business and we’re willing to do what it takes in order to streamline, improve and propel their restaurant.

Our proven process

Our dedicated reps will figure out the current problems your having and provide an in-depth consultation on how to fix it.

We examine all your problem areas and configure the perfect system that will work for your business.

Installation and training day is set. We stay until your new system is ready to use and that your team knows how to use it.

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Serving clients from mom-n-pops to multi-unit franchises!

The Q1 Promise is our guarantee that if your POS system isn’t working for you, we’ll find the solution that does!

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