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Qlaborate Online Ordering POS

Streamline your online orders.

Online ordering that works with your restaurant’s pos system.

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Qlab Online Ordering POS

Online orders flow right into your restaurant POS system, so no more tablets all over the counter, loose faxes, or emails to transcribe. Route traffic directly to your own site and give your customers an additional outlet to order their next takeout or delivery.

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Bypass the 15-35% fees

Our proven software can provide an online ordering portal that will allow restaurants to bypass the expensive 15-35% fees being charged by other online ordering companies.

Receive delivery and takeout orders directly into your POS and kitchen printer

Our POS software allows many integrations to third party online ordering vendors which allow orders directly into the POS and to your kitchen printer from Uber Eats, Grub Hub and many other popular online ordering systems.

Streamlined Template Design and Website-Only Option

Seamlessly integrate Online Ordering into your existing site using your own brand colors. Don’t have a website? Our streamlined template designs will get your business up and running in no time so you can start fulfilling orders.

Unified Reporting

All reports are generated through the same portal increasing owner/manager efficiency.

Increase Efficiency & Accuracy

Orders are placed directly from the customer to the POS so orders are accurate and no time consuming manual entries for you or your staff.

Curbside Pick-up

Increase customer satisfaction with the curbside pick-up option available through our online ordering portal.

Update Your Menu Only Once

Need to make a change? Edit your restaurant menu once and see it updated across all of your menus.

Zero out-of-pocket expenses mean an instant return on investment.

Pick the best POS hardware and software that works best for your business and we will cover all of the up-front costs, eliminating the need for you to purchase, lease, or finance the new POS.

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