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Pay-at-Table Device

A POS terminal that does more. Make an impact with the terminal that makes your team more efficient.

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Quick Load & Printing

Optional Print Alarm

Mounting Capability

Optional Spill Cover

Point of Sale hardware designed and built to run your restaurant.




Product Details

Pay-at-Table Device Details

Pay-At-Table Support

Longer Lasting Battery Life

Chip, PIN, Magstripe, & Contactless NFC

Pocket-Sized and Nimble

User-Friendly Interface

Electronic Signature Capture

Combine it with the full Qlaborate hardware suite.

POS Terminal

Intel i3 Processor

Easy Maintenance

Optical Dual Screen Solution

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EMV Device

Chip, PIN, Magstripe, & Contactless NFC

Fast Processing

Large Color Touch Screen Display

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Impact Printer

Industrial High Speed Printing

Drop & Print Paper Loading

Built-In Wall Mount Capability

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Zero out-of-pocket expenses mean an instant return on investment.

Pick the best POS hardware and software that works best for your business and we will cover all of the up-front costs, eliminating the need for you to purchase, lease, or finance the new POS.

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